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5 Tips for Moving Long Distances

Reconsider Movers: Do your homework beforehand. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with an incompetent moving company that delivers poor service delivery. You want to the best for yourself and your precious possession so why settle for less? Make sure they have a reputable reputation so that you do not have to stress about your stuff not being delivered on time. If possible, try to contact a moving company that can transport your stuff from your house to the shipping warehouse.

Pack Well: The further you are moving, the more bumps in the road your things will encounter along the way and it’s virtually impossible to avoid some damage. Many moving companies will provide blankets and other packing materials for exorbitant prices, so stock up and package everything as well as you can yourself. Or if you are making use of a moving company that already supplies all of that, Yeah for you!

Purge (Thoughtfully): While it’s always tempting to get rid of lots of things before a long distance move since you usually pay based on how much stuff you have, we found that the best thing to do is weigh the value (both sentimental and monetary) of each piece of furniture against the costs and effort to ship it.

Drive Your Car: Shipping a car can be a horrendous nightmare which usually involves reserving a spot for your vehicle months in advance and not being sure when it will actually be transported. If it’s possible for you to drive, we highly recommend it. If you do ship, use a company that doesn’t require a deposit.

Be Emotionally Prepared: This may sound soppy, but even if you are moving somewhere with lots of friends and family nearby, it’s a huge life change so give yourself time to settle in. Moving across town is hard enough, let alone moving to a new state or part of the country where you need to figure out pretty much everything all over again.

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