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9 Packing mistakes not to make pre moving.

How you pack your home can either help make the move go smoothly and (relatively) stress-free, or leave you fantasizing about burning all your belongings and moving into one of those cool tiny houses. Hopefully these tips on how to avoid common packing mistakes can help accomplish a smooth move!

  1. Don’t use all your linens and towels to pack all your breakables. Yes, it saves money on bubble wrap, but when you want to take a shower after a long, sweaty day of unpacking you won’t want to dig through four boxes of wine glasses to find a towel. Or you can even make use of newspaper. A little messy but can help as well.
  2. Don’t keep cooking until the last minute. You have two options: Eat takeout for a couple days. Or, cook one or two big dishes in disposable pans, freeze them, and eat lasagne and tuna noodle for a week. Buy some paper plates and plastic utensils and get your kitchen packed up well before moving day.
  3. Don’t pack things you aren’t 100% sure you want in your new home. One of the most common mistakes is to delay organising and decluttering until you’ve moved, when the best time is really to do it before you start packing. Several weeks (or months) ahead of time, start sorting your items. Go through closets and storage areas and give away or throw away anything you haven’t used in a while, never really liked that much, anything that is broken, your kids have grown out of, you have a newer version of, etc. It is much easier to get rid of things than to pack them! And when you get to your new home, you will enjoy opening boxes to find only the things you love instead of opening boxes of the junk you’ve been tripping over in the garage for the last five years.
  4. Don’t be afraid of putting things together that aren’t similar. We have wasted a lot of time packing one small box with bits and pieces from various rooms so that we could accurately label the box something specific like “candle holders.” Instead, just pack all the items on top of your bookshelf into one box. Label it “top of bookshelf.” You know which objects you were used to seeing on the top of the bookshelf, and it will make things go much, much, faster.
  5. Don’t go out and buy a million boxes (yet). You can get boxes for free from lots of places. Ask your friends. Ask at local businesses. Ask around at your job – most offices order things like coffee or printer paper in large boxes. Or you can even make use of eco-friendly moving boxes you can find at
  6. Don’t recycle your paper recycling. As soon as you know you’re going to be packing up, start saving all your junk mail and scrap paper. Wad it up and wedge it between glasses, or use it to fill up extra space in boxes of odds and ends.
  7. Don’t turn down offers of help! You may feel like it’s easier for you to just pack your own things, rather than having to supervise your friends. If they offer, say yes! You will be glad of the company, and when it’s the night before the truck arrives and you are facing a floor strewn with odds and ends that you keep picking up and putting down in new places but not actually packing, you can give them the go ahead to just start throwing things into boxes and labeling them “misc.”
  8. Don’t label boxes “misc.” You will be desperate and exhausted and want to just take everything that isn’t in a box already and burn it, but at least write something like “misc. + colander” or “misc. + cookbooks.” Even identifying just one item will jog your memory as to what else you packed with the colander.
  9. Don’t forget to pack one easy accessible essential box. This box will be your lifesaver. It should contain some basic essentials like tea, coffee, sugar, some snacks, hand sanitiser, wet wipes, toilet roll etc. Easy items you will need when you first arrive at your new home. Before you go out of your mind,

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