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One secret to moving you need to know

Moving is tough. Uprooting your life. Disturbing your routines. Not to mention having to put everything you own into boxes (and then into vehicles and then out of vehicles and into a new place). That’s why the next time you move, whether it’s in a few months or a few years, you should consider this small trick that might help you survive it with your sanity intact.

Some of us move a few times in several years. Always trying to make the moving process less stressful, someone came up with a secret weapon from there earliest move. That is to pack a large suitcase with sheets, towels, coffee making necessities along with toiletries (including toilet paper!) and some clothes to change into after that first shower. After setting up the bed and the coffee situation, you can take a shower and settle down to a leisurely unpacking and organising ministration.

What we love about the idea of setting aside a suitcase or travel bag with your essentials (instead of even just setting a box aside) is that not only will you have the things you need daily right at hand (and won’t have to go searching through eight boxes to find what you need) but putting them in a suitcase might even make you feel more like you’re on vacation than facing the monumental task of unpacking and settling in.

And even if you don’t get vacation vibes from using a suitcase, you’ll still make the first 24 hours in your new place much more convenient by having what you use daily at hand and in one place.

So try it the next time you move! You might find your move is a bit more pleasant. Happy moving!

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