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8 Tips for Moving with Kids

  1. Have a plan

Think about how you will begin the conversation with your kids. If you have young children, explain in terms that they will understand, for example, talk about how all of their toys, decorations, furniture, and clothing will come with you, while things like the walls, floors, windows, and light fixtures will not. Talk about things that will stay the same, for example their school or daycare. Let them ask questions and answer them honestly. Check out some age-appropriate books at your local library that deal with the topic of moving and share them with your children. Reassure them that your house will be well loved and cared for by its new family.

  1. Involve the kids

Let your kids participate in the house hunt. Show them potential houses, take them along to viewings, and ask them what things they’d like to have in your new home. If you’ve chosen a house, take some time beforehand to explore the neighborhood and pay a visit to your new digs.

  1. Be positive

There are a lot of things that you really love about your home. You lived here for nine years and have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into making it your own. You became a family in this house. It’s going to be hard to leave. While it’s okay to share some of those feelings with your kids, make sure the overall vibe that you’re giving off is one of confidence and positivity. If you seem nervous, worried, or upset, they’ll pick up on it.

  1. Save Memories

If you don’t have an actual physical piece of your house to save, make a photo book with memories of your old house. Let your children take their own pictures of the house, yard, neighborhood, school, friends, and any other important places and people. Make a video tour of your house with your child as the tour guide. Or take a video of everyone in the family talking about precious memories that they have of your home.

  1. Keep it routine

Routines are important, especially to younger children. Try to maintain your typical patterns as much as possible before, during, and after the move. Bedtime routines, family game night, library day, and pancake Sunday will provide comfort and reassurance for your little ones in an otherwise chaotic and unfamiliar world.

  1. Maintain connections

There are so many ways to stay in touch with friends and family members, thanks to Skype. FaceTime, Google Chat, Facebook or SnapChat (assuming it’s age-appropriate), or even good old email, snail mail, or telephone calls — no matter the method, staying connected with the important people in your little one’s life is more essential now than ever.

  1. Make it exciting

Treat the move like an adventure rather than a sorrowful experience or a chore. Make it into a contest (with prizes), like who can pack up their toys or clothing the fastest. Let your little one make decisions about their new bedroom, like choosing the paint color or a new rug. Or try having your children’s rooms set up beforehand with all of their toys and decor so that the space feels like a comforting oasis. Set off on an exploratory mission to find the local library or a yummy ice cream shop.

  1. Focus on your child

Those boxes are sure to be calling your name, but resist the urge to focus all of your attention and energy on unpacking. Set aside some special time to hang out with your kids. Make new memories. Go on adventures. It’s sure to be time well spent — the boxes aren’t going anywhere.

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