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6 simple steps to a more environmentally friendly move

Here are MintBox’s 6 simple steps to making your move a more environmentally friendly one. Aside from using MintBoxes, there’s a range of ideas to lessening your impact where you can.

  1. Firstly, Consider renting a company with diesel trucks instead of gasoline powered trucks. We understand it’s not always the easiest option. You will be one step closer to leaving a smaller carbon footprint and making your move environmentally friendly.
  2. Reusing cardboard boxes is great if there’s no leaks or damage. Even better, you can rent reusable and environmentally friendly boxes (like those from MintBox) for a multi-use alternative. Try something new today!
  3. Rent a moving company with a truck that’s five years old or less. These trucks have the latest emission control technologies and offer improved fuel efficiency. Fuel is one of the biggest impacts on the environments and implementing this small step can contribute to a more environmentally friendly relocation.
  4. Moving blankets are a great reusable way to wrap large furniture and other bulky items. Many blankets are made from recycled materials.
  5. When you need to cushion delicate items within your boxes, biodegradable packing peanuts are the way to go! Luckily, they’re easy to find these days (and we hope to stock them soon). Your local moving company or eco-friendly online stores should have a ready supply.
  6. Finally, follow this step to get the whole family involved pre-move. Take this time to “clean out the clutter.”. Re-evaluate the items in your closets, kitchen, and anywhere else items are stored. We love the Marie Kondo method: if it doesn’t spark joy then don’t keep it! Be diligent, and know that the items you no longer need will enjoy a “second life” in someone else’s home, or as upcycled products. Consider donating your unwanted items.

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